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Quick Guide:

You must create an account through the portal below (Click "Log in"located at bottom left of portal), and wait for you information to be verified before you can place an order.
This process is usually very quick, but may take up to 24 hours.

Please make sure to check your email's spam folder!


Already have an in-store account?

Simply ask us to activate your online account next time you visit us, or give us a call!

All orders placed through our online platform are for PICK-UP ONLY!

We Do NOT Ship Or Deliver!

* Any quantity discounts, in-store discounts and loyalty points will be applied before your check-out.  You may receive an email updating your order.
** If you check-out with more than 30 grams in your cart, your order will be modified before you can check out in-store.  You may receive an email updating your order.

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