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Cannabis has the ability to change our world.  With the tremendous medicinal healing benefits of the plant; cannabis has the ability to improve our lives and the lives of those around us.  Although we make no medical claims at Tribe. Cannabis - as we're not doctor, nor do we claim to be - we do our best to make personalized recommendations to help suit your needs.  Whether it be sleep aids, pain management, or stress relief we can do our best to help you make an informed decision.

When you make a purchase from Tribe., you don't only help yourself but your also helping to make a positive impact on our community.  At Tribe. Cannabis we're committed to doing our part to make that improvement. With your help a portion of every purchase made at Tribe. Cannabis will go directly back to the Six Nations People's Cannabis Coalition to help fund positive future projects for the community.


Tribe. Cannabis was founded in early 2020.  Our mission is to provide premium top quality products, as well as budget friendly and affordable options for everyone.  Whether you're looking for CBD, premium flower, edibles or smoking accessories we pride ourselves on offering fantastic deals to our loyal customers.  

Our goal is to provide our community with safe pain management alternatives and natural medicine at the highest quality; with customer service to match. 

We are proud to be doing business within the Territory and are committed to giving back to the community with our endeavors.  With every sale a portion is donated back into a community fund designed to positively impact the Six Nations community.

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